How to Add subtitles in Pikashow

The subtitle is the best tool that helps you to watch movies or videos in any language. If your English reading skills are best then you can read English subtitles which are given below the videos easily. Normally it is difficult for beginners to read subtitles but with time it becomes a habit and they read these titles and videos at the same time.

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Now, subtitles have become a ton of media content and it released in different languages. You can search for your favorite videos in different languages but if you face any issues then you can search your video or movies on the Pikashow apk in a different language with subtitles. Then all the results show here and you can watch your movies in another language which you want. Pikashoow is safe and free of cost for other devices such as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Android TV, pikashow for TV, Firestick, and Chromecast. There are three methods to download and add subtitles for free.

Add Subtitles to Movies on Android Using VLC

  • First, you need to download the VLC (VideoLAN Client) for the Android Pikashow app on your Androied phone. 
  • Next, open the VLC app and open media files from your smartphone.
  • Now, open the movie that you want to watch on VCL Play. click on the Player icon which is shown at the bottom of the video. 
  • Now expand the subtitles menu and click on the download subtitles.
  • It will find subtitles online that based on details like file type, movie length, and language. Then, you can pick the one you like and hit download.
  • Subtitles will be instantly added to the movie on your Android device. If you find there is a delay in subtitles then you can customize it from the same menu or you can download a new subtitle.

2. Add Subtitles to Movies on AndroidUsing MX Player

  • The second, most famous subtitle-adding app that name is MX Player is free and has no ads.  Simply download this app on your Mobile phone.
  • After that open the MX Player app, and play your favorite movie. Click on the right corner where the download link is available.
  • After that, click on “Online subtitles“.
  • Then, you see a list of results of the keyword that you searched in the search bar.
  • Click on the download link that has a subtitle of your movie.
  • As far as we know the subtitle will be added to the movie automatically.

3. Add Subtitles to a Movie on Android Manually

It is a slightly different method of adding subtitles than others.  Many online platforms and websites provide Subtitles for movies, TV shows, and pikashow for TV, cricket, and music videos. Most websites are free to use and provide us with free subtitles of movies in many languages. Some famous websites provide us with free subtitles such as,

  • First, download the subtitles for free after clicking on the download button.
  • Once you have downloaded a subtitle, find it on your smartphone by using a file explorer and extract it. 
  • You’ll receive an SRT file(Street & Racing Technology), which is your subtitle file.
  • Then, open the VLC files and click on the player icon which is shown below where write the word Select subtitle file“.
  • Open the folder and check the location where you store SRT files and select it,
  • Now, all subtitles are added to your movie and you can enjoy its features for free. 

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